6) Books. Sure, I could write my blog posts late at night when things have quieted down, but the lure of a good book and a soft bed is just so tempting. And, as a writer I need to be reading more great works, right?

7) Friends. I love being distracted by my friends, especially if it involves food (see #8), books, travel, cocktails, dogs, and/or bike rides! I am so blessed by wonderful, supportive friendships. Below is my dear friend, Bobbi, and our new friend, and Giants fan, Brixton the wonder dog.
new friend brixton

Although these eight diversions (and many more!) have meddled with any semblance of a regular blog publishing schedule , they are all part of a rather uniquely balanced system of tasks, pleasures, personalities, and entertainments that inspire my musings — and may actually instigate more writing!


* With the renewed intention that all of my distractions keep aiming me toward my writing.

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