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Inside Redd, Yountville California

Redd Meet

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We choose appetizer-size plates of Ryan’s favorite dishes. The pork belly is tangy and juicy, surrounded by a fluffy hand-sized wraparound bun. The pork flavor shines through without an overwhelming bacon kick. That dish alone is worth a return trip to Redd, a restaurant renowned for pork dishes. Our second choice is caramelized divers scallops. 

I had to ask Bobbi about this dish after Ryan leaves because – perusing the menu post-cocktail – I see the word as divers which en Francais means “various.” Various scallops? Bobbi patiently explains that diver scallops have been handpicked off a rock by a scuba diver, shipped directly, and are fresher and plumper than the boat harvested variety.

This discussion of fresh bivalves leads us to reminisce about our travels to Spain when we had the most miraculous fresh razor-necked clams late one night at Bar Mut in Barcelona, a meal we will remember our entire lives. 

A very small dish with two plump scallops arrives. They sit in a balsamic reduction surrounded by baby cauliflower florets, almonds and a tasty cauliflower puree sauce. As we reminisce about Barcelona even this lovely dish begins to pale. Now there is only one other table of talkative women; we have nearly cleared Redd out. It’s getting late and we both have long a long drive home.

I start to get wistful about the trips we’ve shared and those we haven’t.

I offer some excuse about my husband liking cheesecake so we order pastry chef Mielle Lee’s unique cherry adaptation. Sharing this delectable mousse-like tangy dessert we taste all the complicated flavors of cherries, springtime, and an enduring friendship.

Mielle Lee's Cherry Cheesecake

Mielle Lee’s Cherry Cheesecake




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  1. Karen D'Or

    Thanks, Anon, you rock!

  2. Anonymous

    I wish I had been. I probably would have liked the squash.

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