Hi Karen, and thanks so much for having me over today at Musingly.  It’s simply beautiful here!  I’d also like to thank all of your guests for stopping by to join us.

Let me get the small stuff out of the way first.  My name is Nonnie Jules and I am the lucky mom to two of the sweetest, kindest, loveable daughters in the whole world.  I am married to one wonderfully supportive DH, and grandmother to many 4 legged creatures.  We live in Louisiana, not the big, fun part that Karen’s always tweeting about, but one of the little not so busy parts (Shreveport).  It’s very peaceful and quiet here, which is why I love it so much.

I began writing at a very young age although I became a published author just this year, May 7, 2013.  After having  penned that book, along with all of the wonderful people that I’ve met via social media, I have often sat back and wondered “Why didn’t I start writing to publish sooner?”  We may never know the real answer to that question, but I will offer this bit, I’m sure Amazon had a lot to do with many of us long-time-writers finally getting published.

 My first book was appropriately entitled “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”, 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love!  I had such fun writing this guide and I did it in only 17 days.  Most have asked “how” I could write a book in only 17 days, and some have even asked “How could you write such a GOOD book in only 17 days?” (that’s the question I like to point out most).  Well, I wrote about what I knew.  I didn’t have to do much research at all, because I had lived that guide, I had taught that guide and from those teachings came two (almost) perfect daughters.

The Good Mommies Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters by Nonnie Jules

The Good Mommies Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters by Nonnie Jules 

In the book trailer to “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE… I say, “I looked around the world and what I saw, I knew I didn’t want my daughters to become.” I had seen such poor examples of parenting in girls before I had children, that I actually prayed GOD would bless me with daughters.  And he did.  I took that blessing very seriously and vowed that I would make my job as MOMMY the most important position that I had ever held my entire life.  Nothing was more important to me than raising children that everyone would notice, admire and would stand in awe of after having been in their presence for only a few short minutes.  So many times children are noticed because of the bad things they do and the poor choices they make, my two stand out for:  being kind, respectful, mannerable, loving and as one dad put it a little while ago at my teenagers birthday party, he said  “I just love her because she makes everyone around her want to be better!”  Proud Mommy?  Yes, that would be me. I gladly exclaim daily “Yes, those two are mine!”

Bullying, online and off has reached epidemic proportions.  I mean, our children are literally dying because of it.  It’s time that we stop talking about it, and really “be about it”.  Get up and actually DO SOMETHING!  A lot of folks say “My children are grown, that doesn’t apply to me”, or “I don’t have any kids, so why should I get involved?”  These attitudes make me fume.  Really they do.  Because these very people are close-minded if they think this is not their problem simply because their kids are grown OR because they have none.  Look at it another way members of the two categories I just mentioned:  What if one day your GROWN children produce children?  You become a grandparent and your beautiful, sweet grandchild is being harassed and bullied and hit at school.  Then would it be your problem?  And OK, you there, yes you, the child-less Parent, what if one day you DO become a parent or you have nieces and nephews that you love more than life itself, and they’re being bullied.  Then would it be your problem?  The goal should be to stop this epidemic from growing right now!  Why wait?  If you stand up and do your part right now, when you become a grandparent or a new parent or auntie/uncle to kids you love as your own, then the problem is gone.  Your kids are safe.  The kids of the world have been taught better, raised better, LOVED BETTER and there is no need for anyone to bully.    We must act now!  THIS PROBLEM BELONGS TO US ALL, NOT JUST ONE. Continued…

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