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The Good Mommies Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters by Nonnie Jules

The Good Mommy On Everything Kids!

Although recently I finished my first novel entitled “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND”, you will find most of my written work about children, daughters especially (because they’re my specialty).  Sometimes when we see the product of poor parenting, we want to quickly point the finger and say “Bad Parents!”,  I have since come to realize that we cannot ridicule ignorance.  Some just don’t know how.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are those who just don’t care, but I’m speaking of the ones who truly have no clue, and for those, I have written“THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” first.  Secondly, I have written it for new parents, grandparents who may have missed the mark in the rearing of their own children and want to try and get it right with their grandchildren, and for single Dads, Guardians and even Teachers.  Some of them don’t even know.  I dedicate this guide to all.


You will find me most days on Twitter promoting my peers and their great written works, or art or music, as well as trying to enlist the masses in caring more about children than they do selling their books, their music and their paintings or murals.  I recently started a project called #DAB (Donate A Book) and I would encourage you to click here to find out more about it.  It’s just another way to help get the positive word out to the masses.  



I am going to wrap things up here because I’m sure Karen didn’t expect me to be so long-winded, but when you get me started on the subject of good parenting and how so many fail their children, sometimes I don’t know where to cut it off.  I’m just fiercely protective of all children, and of the world as a whole.  If we make it better for one child at a time, we’re that much closer to making the world a better place for all.  Remember, those “horrible” kids grow up to be “horrible” adults.  We need to end the cycle before they get that far.  Kids bully and hurt others with their words most often.  Adult bullies use guns or other weapons of mass destruction.  My contact links as well as links to my book trailers are all below.  Please stop by and visit them and leave me your comments, letting me know what you think about each.  Do check out “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” or gift it to someone you know who just might need it more.  Oh, and  let me not leave before inviting all of you to help me write my next book…“THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT KIDS”, The Next 100!  I’m only asking ONE great parenting tip of you.  That’s all.  Please check it out and support me in this, if you would be so kind.  Karen, once again, thank you so much for having me today and to your readers, thanks for allowing me to invade your beautiful part of the world here at Musingly.  I ask that you support my mission by supporting the children…ALL CHILDREN, not just the ones born of your womb.






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“The Good Mommies’ Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters,”
100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love!




“Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend”

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  1. Karen D'Or

    Kathryn, thanks for your comments on Nonnie’s wonderful piece.. and for visiting!

    I (too) have an almost perfect adult daughter, now living in NOLA. I love Nonnie’s advice in her book. “Just as our daughters can be (almost) perfect, we should cut ourselves a little slack and accept that we don’t have to be viewed as the greatest mommies all the time..good mommy will always serve us just fine.”

  2. This is a wonderful book. I hope more take the time to read it. Thanks for having Nonnie on your blog.

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